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Southern California Dreamin’

A week in California at Laguna Niguel has me enchanted!! I haven’t even been home a week, and I’m already daydreaming of plans to go see my brother and sister again! I’m not kidding when I say SoCal took me by surprise in giving me a vacation I wasn’t expecting at all! I’ve been all over the US, and no place has resonated close to home for me besides Oklahoma until now. Of course, there’s always Disney World… Haha, but I don’t think I’d ever want to move there. However, If I could, I’d move to Irvine (the big city next to Laguna Beach) in a heartbeat! Not to mention, Irvine has been the safest city in the nation for more than a decade now! The coast is just endearing with stunning coves, soft-sand beaches, amazing local dining, and a charming village that lures artists from all over the world. You can find multiple art galleries and exhibits that provoke popular summer art festivals in Laguna Beach. And since we only had the opportunity for one afternoon at the beach, I still have yet to experience it all! Even still, I’m already absolutely in love.

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